The Zombie Run

Zombie run tshirt

Run for the Arb, Run for Your Life!

October 25, 2019: The unthinkable has happened. The undead have risen from their graves and are roaming the Arb. As experts rush to find answers, Arb visitors report as many as 50 zombie sightings a day in what appears to be a full-scale attack. Will you brave the zombie outbreak?

How it works:

Participants run through the Arb for a 5k race unlike any other in the Arb! Each runner receives a belt with two flags that act as “lives.” On the 5K course zombies attempt to take your lives in order to infect you.

The goal is to make it out with at least one life flag and be a “survivor.” Survivors are rewarded by being entered into raffles to win gift cards and cool items. Want to up your chances of survival? You can purchase extra flags for $5 or you can ask your friends and family to sponsor you and buy them for you.

All proceeds support the Arb and help keep it a pristine (and zombie free) place for the community to enjoy.

The Zombies

Zombies will line the course and attempt to infect runners by stealing their life flags. While no physical contact is allowed between zombies and runners, some accidental contact may occur. Zombies or runners who are seen intentionally breaking these rules will be removed from the course.

There are designated “safe areas” that zombies have yet to infest, including by the water station. Zombies move at a traditional slow zombie pace (think Night of the Living Dead or Walking Dead). Zombies are pre-selected volunteers who are trained to be scary but safe.