It takes everyone's cooperation to keep people safe in this nontraditional 5k. Course marshals will be on hand to make sure everyone obeys the rules. Rule breakers will be asked to leave the course and will not be able to collect their medals. 

Stay on Course

Going off course could be dangerous to you and to the Arb and could result in removal from the race.

Zombie life flagsLife Flags

  • Every runner receives two life flags.
  • Want to increase your chances of survival? You can purchase more lives during check out/registration for $5 per life
  • Do not pick up flags from the ground
  • Your flags must be worn on the belt provided
  • Do not tuck flags into clothing or cover your flags with baggy clothes
  • Do not hold onto flags to keep them from being taken 
  • Keep flags on your sides 
  • Do not place flags in inappropriate areas where you could be accidently touched in sensitive areas
  • Belts and flags must be returned at the end of the race

No Intentional Physical Contact

Intentional physical contact is strictly forbidden. Accidental contact may occur as zombies try to grab for a flag and miss. There is an obvious difference between pushing, hitting, strong-arming, and a missed flag grab. Course marshals will be trained in recognizing the difference and will be monitoring both zombies and runners.

What to Wear

  • Wear running shoes and comfortable clothing
  • Costumes are allowed! Got a favorite zombie hunter outfit in the closet? Bring it on!
  • Runners should not dress as zombies

Things To leave At home




This includes costume weapons. No fake or real guns, machetes, baseball bats, knives etc


These are prohibited - due to the nature of this race it is important to be aware of your surroundings.